5 reasons to go refurbished

5 reasons to go refurbished

There’s something about getting your hands on a brand-new phone. The moment you unravel the plastic wrap, sliding the box open, and peeling off the protective plastic film. There’s also a spark of excitement the moment your screen comes on for the first time. These reasons alone are probably enough for you to opt for a new device every time you decide to change your phone 

Before tapping “Buy Now” on Shopee or Lazada, here are a few reasons why you should get a refurbished phone instead. 



More for less 

The very fact that your phone is refurbished means that it will be discounted from the original retail priceoftentimes significantlyThis price cut is made possible as refurbished sellers like us, receive preowned devices in large quantities, allowing us to ensure consistent and low pricing. 


Just as good as new 

These preowned devices come from various sources; they could be retailers, regular consumers and phone manufacturers themselves. Upon receiving these preowned devices, they are thoroughly checked and graded in accordance to standards set by the phone manufacturers. Any issues are addressed by our team of experts before going up for sale. 


Satisfaction guaranteed 

To further ensure that your refurbished device is to your liking, there is a warranty that comes with it. You can even choose to extend your warranty or swap your device for a like-for-like model with InstaCover. More details on that can be found here: instacover.compasia.com    


Nobody can tell the difference 

“That looks like a refurbished unit”, said no one ever. In fact, many of our refurbished units look as good as newly bought devices. You could save yourself hundreds, while getting the same experience as buying a brand-new device.  


You’re saving the planet 

Preowned devices put a slowdown on phone manufacturing which is a rapidly growing detriment to our environment. Along with the precious materials that are used to create smart devices, you must also consider the power involved in phone productione-waste and packaging waste.   



As the hype of getting a new phone settles down, the experience you get with a refurbished unit is hardly different. The hundred that you save can be used instead on other things that you love, or perhaps even on fancy phone accessories. Your wallet will thank you, and so will mother earth. 

Check out the latest models we have in our store and choose to buy a refurbished device today!

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