Starting anew – 9 must-do’s when getting a new phone

Starting anew – 9 must do’s when getting a new phone  

If you started the new year with a new phone, here are some must-dos to ensure that your phone is in tiptop condition from the moment you turn it on to the moment you sell it off.  

Keep the box, receipts and accessories 

This is a must-do for those who intend to sell their phones in future. It also helps with warranty and returns should there be any issues with the phone. 


Phone cases and screen protectors have become so essential that some phones come with them. Because of our constant interaction with our devices, invest in good quality protection that could save your phone from cracks and scratches.

Think ahead 

Phones often come with care plans. If yours does not, you can check out InstaCover which offers care plans for old or new phones for as low as RM0.22 a day.  

Be wire-free  

When you constantly fiddle with your ports, you risk causing scratches. Avoid this by going wireless. Use wireless charging if your phone has that feature, and wireless earphones, which are now offered by many brands. 

Move your data 

Most phones offer an efficient data transfer system which allows you to import contact, photos, files, media and more. Take note of your favourite apps as well so that you don’t miss out on them on your new device. 


Make sure that your system is bug-free by keeping the operating system up to date. Go to the settings on your device and check for any updates. 

Download the essentials 

Unless you plan to isolate yourself from the world, some essential apps include WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.   

Set up your security 

You’ll want to set up a PIN for your phone. These days many phones include biometric security and face recognition. Don’t forget to set these up to ensure that the only one accessing you phone is you. 

Make your phone find-friendly 

The last thing you would want is to lose your phone. Thankfully there are systems that can help you locate your phone should it get stolen. Check out Find my iPhone on Apple or Find my Device on Android devices. While location services may drain your battery, keep it active so that you phone can be easily located.  

Those are our must-do’s when getting a new device. These tips will keep your phone in tiptop condition to ensure you get the maximum pay-out when trading it in. If we missed anything out, let us know on the CompAsia Facebook page


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