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About us

Our Philosophy & Vision

Our business is in ITAD (IT Asset Disposition & Recycling). To put it in simple words – we acquire and refurbish used electronic devices and breathe new life into them so you can enjoy a born again gadget for up to 80% less than its original manufacturer’s price!

You see, manufacturing new products uses a lot of natural resources and stresses out the environment. But that’s not all. When we throw stuff away, it either ends up in drains causing blockage leading to floods, or in our rivers and oceans where marine life sees floating objects as food, and then chokes to death, or it ends up in landfills where toxic materials leak into our soil, rivers and oceans, causing fish to grow two heads, and your pancakes to emit signals to outer space.

Yup, it’s complicated. Which is why we would rather skip all that and make life real simple. We recycle, renew, refurbish, restore, rekindle and resurrect! So every time you buy an electronic device from us, you are healing a little bit of the environment, and rekindling the romance between yourself and the beauties of nature.

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By reducing e-waste, the world can remain healthy and beautiful. Join us in our vision!





What we do

We buy used electronic devices like desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, mobile phones, to refurbish and resell. What you get is an excellent quality, almost brand new product.

What about data removal and security? Worry not, we use products that adhere to U.S. Department of Defense optimal standards for data cleansing. Our operations are also fully compliant with local and national data security and environmental regulations.

All our products go through a detailed overhaul process, which includes erasing, thorough diagnostics, repair, cleaning, software installation, and a mandatory series of checkpoints to ensure that every product is good to go. We’re so confident of the great quality of our refurbished products that we’re giving you a 1-year warranty along with our promises of quality to you.

Our promises to you
  1. Product Quality – all our refurbished products have been professionally tested, refurbished, restored and repackaged.

  2. Warranty Assurance – 1-year warranty (extendable up to 3 years) on parts and labour on all products you buy from us.

  3. Warranty period can be extended to the 2nd and 3rd years.

  4. In addition to the 1-year warranty, all mobile phones you buy from CompAsia come with “Phone Guard”, a 1-year cracked screen replacement program.

  5. 7-day Return Policy. “No-questions asked” return policy to all our customers within 7 days of delivery.

  6. Fast Shipping - your orders are shipped out within 3 business days.

  7. We use products that adhere to U.S. Department of Defence optimal standards for data cleansing.

“If we do not fulfill our 7 promises to you, I will donate RM100 to a charity of your choice.”
- Julius Lim, Founder & CEO, CompAsia.
Our CEO is… how shall we put it

Quirky? Daring? Honest? Smart? Generous? You decide.

But he is no fool. A degree holder in electrical engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, with a Masters from an Ivy League university, the University of Pennsylvania, Julius worked at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm that advises clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors around the world, including more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500. BCG was ranked by Fortune as the second "best company to work for” in 2015.

Not one to be complacent, Julius had bigger dreams, and an even bigger vision. And that is, to revolutionize and grow the ITAD (IT Asset Disposition & Recycling) industry in Asia. He set up CompAsia in 2012.

Today, he is confident enough that CompAsia can fulfill all its promises to you. Feel free to challenge him.

“CompAsia has been set up to address the growing concern about the way surplus, old, used or outdated IT equipment and electronic consumer devices are being discarded and impacting the environment. What we are trying to do is to build a business that will grow but yet able to conserve and provide a sustainable way for the environment.

Ultimately we want to care about our environment because we want to make our lives better and our children to grow up in a clean, healthy and sustainable green future.

As a green IT company, this credo value is an inherent part of CompAsia’s broad holistic brand and marketing philosophy. "Sustainability" is the concept that guides us in everything we do, from the development of business strategies to business practices as a way of contributing to a healthier future.

Our green strategy is to reuse every item till its very last ounce and to recycle only when it has no reuse value left. This strategy allows us to maximize the lifecycle of each product and to ensure that every piece is reused before being finally recycled. That way we can strive for every piece of material to be reborn, rebuilt and to refurbish units as many times as possible. Yes, you can say we are preserving and restoring the past to build and drive the future.” – Julius Lim.

Who should buy from uS?

Smart people. Wise people. Poor people. Rich people. Big people. Petite people. Every kind of people. Individuals like yourself, corporations, SMEs, the education sector, start-ups, NGOs and charities.

Even if you were a billionaire, and 80% off the price of a new gadget makes you go “Pffffttt who cares”, well you should care. If you love your children, and your unborn grand-children, don’t pass your toxic wastes to them.

Our Network

Julius set up CompAsia to provide a platform for companies and individuals to sell and buy almost new IT equipment. Within three years, the network has expanded to Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines . Now, we are one of Asia’s leading and trusted suppliers of professionally-refurbished IT and telecommunications equipment.

This is only the beginning of our expansion. CompAsia’s vision is global.

“Ultimately we want to care about our environment because we want to make our lives better and our children to grow up in a clean, healthy and sustainable green future.”

- Julius Lim, Founder & CEO

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