Clubhouse – What is all the hype about? And are you in or out?

Clubhouse  What is all the hype about? And are you in or out? 

Psst… Have you received an invitation to Clubhouse yet? 

What is Clubhouse and who is using it? 

Clubhouse is essentially another social media site. It links people online just like Facebook or Instagram, and allows users to exchange information with one another. 

However, Clubhouse differs in the way knowledge is communicated. This audio-based, invite-only social media platform gives you an experience that is akin to listening in on someone else’s phone call. You won’t, however, be eavesdropping on petty gossip, but become part of a number of conversations aimed at discussing current affairs and topics of importance.  

Public figures such as Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, and even the ex-premier Najib Razak have made appearances on Clubhouse, causing the app to surge in popularity. 

Who designed it? 

Clubhouse is the brainchild of Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and launched around the peak of the COVID19 pandemic – March 2020 

How do I become a part of Clubhouse? 

To begin, you’ll need an invite to enter Clubhouse (in the meantime, you can register your username so it’ll be available when you get your invite), and it’s currently only available for iOS users (though an Android version is estimated to be released in the coming weeks, so relax Android users. ). 

Upon logging into Clubhouse, you can search through a number of subjects, and then join in on the discussion – it’s fine if you’re a passive listener. Users can also engage in direct conversation with experts. 

As a member of Clubhouse, you’ll be able to discuss topics in a casual manner. Conversations are not as formal as face-to-face, but definitely more formal than forum flaming or scathing Facebook comments that are written with little consideration. 

What types of conversations are taking place? 

Topics discussed in Clubhouse range from sports and technology to faith and wellness. With key opinion leaders chiming in, Clubhouse continues to draw in enthusiasts of all interests. 

How many people can be in a conversation? 

The current Clubhouse room capacity is 5,000 people, which Elon Musk, of course blew upThankfully, users were able to live-stream the content and spread the gospel of Elon Musk via YouTube. 

How do I participate in conversations? 

Anyone who is listening in may “lift a hand” for a chance to share their views. This is of course up to the creator or moderator to allow.  


With actual oral conversations taking place, Clubhouse rids keyboard warriors of their weapons. What’s left are more carefully considered responses, especially when interacting with public figures like Oprah Winfrey or Jared Leto. 

If you can’t wait for the Android version and want to be a part of Clubhouse ASAP, you could always get an iPhone for less at and we’ll see you in the Clubhouse! 


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