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Corporate Sales

Corporations have so much power to influence our future. Use that power wisely. If you are considering purchasing for your company, or disposing of your IT equipment in a greener way, congrats! Welcome to our bold new world.

Please contact us at As our new partner in this vision, we will give you generous discounts for bulk purchases.

Corporate Disposal

CompAsia buys thousands of IT equipment from businesses, processes and sells them to other businesses. We help companies like yours turn underutilized or surplus IT equipment into cash through our buyback and consignment programs.

Having an international network of trusted suppliers and customers puts us in the perfect position to help you achieve the highest value for your obsolete IT equipment. Not only will you avoid the time consuming (time is money) hassle, you will also benefit from our efficient logistical structure and expertise in the disposal and deployment of your IT equipment. Leave it to us to do the dirty work for you while you focus on your business.

Full service logistics

The pain you go through in organizing and transporting your obsolete IT equipment from your office is an enjoyable process to us. Our team of experienced staff will happily and professionally pack and transfer the equipment out of your office and to our processing facilities. We can handle any quantity of equipment from anywhere across South-East Asia.

Secured data erasure

We understand how very important security is to every corporation. So there’s no need for concern, as we offer secured data erasure services to remove sensitive data from your hard drives. Using certified data erasure software, we have the widest range of international overwriting standards, including DOD 5220.22-M. You have our guarantee that this data sanitization is 100% effective for all your IT equipment such as desktop computers, notebooks, servers, etc.

If you still have concerns, no problem. We offer both off-site and on-premise data erasure services. You just have to tell us which you prefer. With each erasure, a comprehensive report will be given to you a proof of successful data erasure.


We offer total eco-management and disposal of obsolete or damaged IT equipment, including hazardous waste such as batteries.

CompAsia’s goal is to refurbish and remarket as much as possible the obsolete equipment we receive. When it is not possible to refurbish certain damaged equipment to our standards, they are disassembled for usable parts and scrap metal. We guarantee that all equipment are broken down and recycled in accordance with international disposal standards. To achieve this, we have partners whose expertise is in waste disposal and treatment.

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