Double devices – why having two phones is better than one

Double devices – why having two phones is better than one

These days phones are all about bigger storage, faster processing and high definition screens; All the good stuff packed into one super device. But as technology becomes more advanced, the prices of older models are also declining. This makes it possible to own a relatively powerful phone for less. So instead of just relying entirely on one device, here are some reasons why getting a second device is a brilliant idea.

One for work, one for play

Getting a call in the middle of a Mobile Legends game can be annoying. Games have become such an integral part of smartphones that more manufacturers are coming up with gaming-centric phones. On the flipside, having game notifications at work can be distracting. The same goes for social media and entertainment apps that are just vying for your attention. 

Getting a phone specifically for leisure and one specifically for work can boost your productivity. Simply ensure that you divide your apps accordingly and take along with you the device that reflects your time at work or at play. 

The endless journal

Journaling has been proven by studies to be good for your mental health. But having everything on one device can have a negative impact on that notion. Say for example, you’re journaling about your horrible day at work then right in the middle of typing, you receive an email from work. Journaling should be a sacred ritual and you should be doing it in a space that is free from vibes that you do not want. Instead, consider a second phone that is dedicated to putting down your feelings and capturing images you love. A phone that as Marie Kondo would put it, sparks joy.

A safety-net phone

Our phones are precious. Not only cost-wise, but this includes all the sentimental files stored within our personal phones. To avoid disaster, a second phone that is less valued should be used as a “safety net” phone. This is the phone that you will bring along with you to the club, a concert, or a vacation. “But what about photos?” you may ask. With phones now acting as cameras, actual cameras are now much more affordable and produce results that phones cannot. Just try not to lose your camera.

Use it as a side-hustle tool

You’ll be surprised how many businesses can be run right from a single device. Entire businesses can be monitored via mobile and influencers create content with them. Use your second phone to start a side hustle for yourself. With one phone, you could create a pictured cookbook, take up photography, or more.

Turn it into a wellspring of knowledge

Thanks to apps like Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Duolingo or more, you have access to a wealth of books and educational tools. Instead of having shelves stocked with books, you can have an entire library in the palm of your hands. Audiobooks are also great when you’re commuting or doing chores, allowing you to expand your mind passively.

A command centre for the family

Who says devices have to be isolating? With one device and the right apps, you could create a command centre for the entire family. Keep the device in a common area and allow family members to key in their whereabouts, populate the week’s shopping list or delegate chores. You could also get a single Netflix account which is only accessible on the central device to control the amount of time your kids spend on entertainment.


These are just some of the ways a second phone can benefit your life. What’s more, you don’t even need a second SIM card, just good ol’ WiFi. You don’t even need a powerful device. If you’re looking to get a good quality second phone, you’ll want to check out for the best refurbished device at the lowest prices around. Also, if you’ve got other suggestions for a second phone you’d like to add, feel free to drop a comment on our social media pages.


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