Get to know the CompAsians – 2021 resolutions

 Get to know the CompAsians – 2021 resolutions



As we proceed further into the year 2021, our CompAsians share their new year resolutions and what it is that keeps them optimistic after a challenging 2020. 

“For 2021, I aim to remain vigilant in terms of health by eating right and staying active. Aside from that, I want to also remain connected with the world despite many borders being closed; to stay open to new connections near and far.” 

Julius Lim, CEO and Founder 

“New year resolutions carry hope and perspective. I believe that even in these uncertain times of lockdown and limited social interaction, a lot can still be done. Part of my resolutions is to make a positive impact on the environment and CompAsia is a great place to help me achieve such a goal.” 

Laurent De Candido, COO 

“This year, I would like to get in shape and get rid of my tummy, meet more people, learn a new language and find that sweet spot between work and life. I’m also hoping that travel will be allowed again as it is something that I am looking to catch up on.” 

James Lowerence, Country Head Malaysia 

“For 2021, I plan to focus my attention on things that are within my control and worry less about the things I cannot.” 

Atira Shukri, Assistant Regional Manager for Buyback and Trade-in 

“I don’t believe in resolutions. For me, it’s either one day or day one. If you need an arbitrary date to make a change, you’re probably never going to stick to your plan anyway.” 

Brendan Tee, Digital Marketing Lead 

“I made a plan to fall back in love with my life this year. I started a gratitude journal to count my blessings each day. I plan to remove all the clutter and make a pledge for self-love, gearing myself with positive energy directed at growth & happiness” 

Debbie Phuah, Executive Assistant  

“My new year resolution for 2021 is to cultivate a growth mindset while striving to learn and change over time” 

Khairani Ramli, Designer 

Resolutions may not be for everyone, but whether you practice them or not, it is important to remain hopeful and motivated. We would like to hear your resolutions as well. Share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram. 


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