Heart breaking repairs

Heart breaking repairs  

We rarely think about our phones until something bad happens to it. And then comes the bigger problem which is to get it repaired. Repair costs can vary greatly, sometimes costing as much as the phone itself. 

We looked around to find out how much it costs to repair common phone related problems. Here’s what we found. 


Screen replacement 


Depending on your phone model, display replacements vary in cost rather greatly. If you’re using the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, you could be expecting to pay close to RM2000, which is frustrating because it’s not really expensive enough for a full replacement, but it’s expensive enough to deter most people. 


Faulty speakers 


Most of us consume music through our phones and having faulty speakers can be a major annoyance. Replacing them can cost up to RM400 for the latest flagship phones, but at that price, you could perhaps get yourself some fancy true wireless earphones. 


Water damage 


Depending on how lucky you are, the severity of the water damage on your phone determines the cost of the repairs. If your phone has been submerged for too long, the chances of it coming back to life, may not even be possible. If you’re lucky, it turns back on after a night in a bag of rice. 



RM290 – RM450 

Cameras are important as proven by social media. The livelihoods of some depend entirely on the cameras on their phones. Getting a replacement can cost you up to RM450 on some of the latest models.  


Damaged Ports  

RM100 – RM300 

Unresponsive ports can be annoying. There are some that work when the phone is held up a certain way, then there are ports that fail entirely. Getting a replacement port costs around RM100 and can go up to RM300 on the latest flagship models. 



While these are the costs of getting replacement parts, you can also expect an additional RM100 on top of that cost for diagnosis and service charges. Then there is also the wait that comes with repairs, which can take up to weeks.  


If all of these are causing you to stress over your phone, have you considered getting a care plan? For as low as RM0.22 a day, you no longer have to worry about dropping your phone on the floor or into the toilet bowl. What’s more, InstaCover offers care plans for your device even if it’s an older model. Find out more about it here: instacover.compasia.com 


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