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How we grade our phones

Making the grade – How we grade our phones 

The world of pre-owned devices can be confusing, especially when it comes to determining the value of each device. Does a dent on the side cost more than a crack on the screen? Is there any monetary value in a defective device? While there are no general definitive answers, this article will debunk some of these questions. This is so that you can expect some level of consistency when selling a device to us or purchasing one from our e-store. 

A-Z about our grades 


A+ phones are practically perfect in every way. There are no scratches or dents and it is basically as good as new. Phones that fall into this category are often freshly unboxed or thoroughly preserved devices that are not used very often.   


Most phones that have been used for about a year fall under this category. These could also be retail display units that have frequently been interacted with. The scratches and blemishes are still minimal but noticeable. Common parts where blemishes are found include the ports and edges. 

Phones under this category tend to be in the 1 to 2year old range. This of course depends on how thorough the owner is in terms of preserving the condition of the device. Scratches and dents are obvious enough to be seen without much difficulty. These flaws are most often seen around the corners, ports, and screen.  


Till this point, all devices from A+ to D are fully functional. However, for Grade D devices there are heavier signs of use. There are multiple blemishes that are more noticeable than the ones found on Grade C devices.  


Grade F devices are defective and non-functional. This includes devices that cannot be switched on. We also look at screen burns, dead pixels, and shadows. 

To paint a clearer picture, here are some visual examples.  


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Minor scratches

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Heavy scratches 

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Even with this guideline, there are often exceptions which is why we make it a point to buy or sell once the customer is pleased with the price. A large part of our assessment process is also done through our app InstaCash; not only does this ensure consistency across assessments, it’s also super convenient as you could assess your phone instantly. The process is further simplified as you can choose to sell your device right from the comfort of your home. Try the app now or find out more at instacash.compasia.com   


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