iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11

ReNew+ Compair – iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11

To the untrained eye, the iPhone 11 doesn’t seem all that different from the iPhone 12. However, upon closer inspection the differences are there. In this episode of Compair, it’s the iPhone 12 up against the iPhone 11.  

The first glance 

While both these phones are 6.1 inches, the iPhone 12 offers a bigger 86% screen to body ratio as compared to the iPhone 11’s 79%. The bezels in the 12 are narrower, along with the overall dimensions. The 12 is also lighter than the 11, weighing at 164 g versus the 11 which is 194 g. 


In a side-by-side comparison, the iPhone 12 which boast higher pixel density is clearly distinctive when it comes to high resolution videos on YouTube. The differences can be seen in the blacks which are more prominent. This is a feature that would matter to those who constantly use their phones for entertainment and appreciate very detailed imagery. 

Processing power 

The iPhone 12 boasts the shiny new Apple A14 Bionic chip versus the A13 on the iPhone 11. The difference in performance however, is miniscule. For now, the iPhone 11 is able to perform all the major apps at a very similar rate to the iPhone 12.  


The main advantage you’ll find in the iPhone 12 is in low-light videos and photography. With a lower f-stop of 1.6 in comparison to the iPhone 11’s f-stop of 1.8, captured images in the iPhone 12 are brighter. In regular lighting conditions however, most of the images are difficult to tell apart. The same is true for the front camera which has the same specs across both devices. 


The iPhone 12 has a capacity of 2815mah while the 11 has a capacity of 3110mah. Although Apple claims that the battery in the iPhone 12 is more efficient, we do see the iPhone 11 outlasting the 12 slightly. This is easily resolved thanks to the 20W fast charging in the 12 and the 18w fast charge in the 11. 


Other features include the 12 being 5G ready which is essential for those who want a more future-ready device. The 12 is also more resistant to water and dust, as it is able to withstand up to 6m for 30 minutes as compared to the 11’s 2m for 30 minutes.  

And there you have it, our comparison between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11. It is still a good idea however to visit any authorised resellers and experience the iPhone 12 first-hand. Like most premium products the iPhone 12 experience is something you need to see and feel to believe.  

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