Maintenance habits that will keep your phone in tip top condition

Maintenance habits that will keep your phone in tip top condition

Your smartphone works like any machine; once in a while, it needs to be tuned up, rebooted and refreshed to ensure that it keeps running smoothly. 

Maintaining your phone with these easy-to-practice habits will keep your phone functioning as if it has just been unboxed. Here is what you do: 



Clear all running apps – Most phones allow you to quickly access all running apps and clear them all at once. Doing this regularly will ensure that your phone’s memory and processors can take a break. 

Clear the cache – when you delete an app, or even when you run it, it may leave residual files in your device. Aside from clearing running apps, clean up your device with a cache cleaner app that comes built-in with most Android and IOS devices. 

Check for updates – although updates sometime feature cosmetic changed, most of the time it is meant for debugging and helping your phone operate more efficiently. Check for updates on your phone as well as for apps regularly.  

Avoid extreme temperatures – some people tend to leave their phones on their car’s dashboard, putting their device in direct contact with the sun. While your phone continues to operate, this may cause your phone to overheat. A better solution would be to get a phone mount that keeps your phone in front of you, but away from the sun. 

Charge but don’t overcharge with so many fast charge features available today, you don’t need to leave your phone plugged in overnight. Doing so may affect your phone’s battery life in the long run.  


Review your apps – having too much clutter on your phone may hinder your experience. Review and delete apps that are no longer useful to you to save memory space on your device. 

Reboot your device – try to reboot your device at least once a week. While clearing your cache and running apps is healthy for your device, rebooting allows the entire device to refresh. 

Clean your phone – wipe your phone at least once a week. You could use a screen cleaner and microfibre cloth, making sure you pay extra attention to the earpiece and speaker which tends to collect dust. 

Perform a security check – scan your phone for security threats at least once a week. While most Android and IOS devices come with a built-in security system, you can also choose to install some from the Apple store or Google Play store. 



Back up your data – losing precious information on your device can be devastating. Make it a point to back up your data on a cloud or external memory device if possible. 

Organise – a well organised phone is easier on the eyes. Arrange and organise the apps you use regularly so that your experience is seamless and efficient. 

Review your care plan – it’s surprising how unaware many people are of their phone’s care plan. Repairs can be costly so make sure that your phone’s care plan is still active. If your phone doesn’t have an active care plan, InstaCover offers care for old and new devices from as low as RM0.22 a day. 



Considering the amount of time we spend with our devices, it’s important that we take good care of them. Follow these maintenance habits so that you can enjoy your favourite apps and games while minimising the risk of slowdowns or malfunctions.It will also ensure maximum value when you decide to trade-in your device. 

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