Mobile makeover – Android edition

Mobile makeover – Android edition 

A major reason to choose Android over IOS is the ability to customise to your heart’s content. We take this belief to the test by trying out apps that customise the Android experience without having to root your phone. If you’re someone who won’t settle for the conventional then read on to find out how you can make your mobile experience truly your own. 



If you don’t know what launchers are, they basically change the interface of your phone. They may alter the way your apps appear, the interactions with icons, the look and colour, and many more. Launchers are basically themes taken to another level. 

Some of our favourites include: the Microsoft Launcher: if you’re already integrated into the Microsoft system and want to see what it looks like on your phone, this neat and practical launcher is definitely worth trying out. 

Niagara Launcher: this launcher is a minimalist’s dream come true. Just pick the apps you love and it appears in a row. That’s it!  

Olauncher: If icons are still too much for you, Olauncher takes minimalism to another level by turning icons into mere words.  

Poco launcher: Ever wondered what it’s like to own a Pocophone? Xiaomi’s Poco launcher gives you a peek at its clean interface that comes with a handy app drawer to cut the clutter.  



We come across keyboards a lot. Messaging, writing emails, posting on social media are some examples. As the main tool used to craft your words, you’ll want it to look as inspiring as it functions. Here are some cool keyboards to check out. 

SwiftkeySwiftkey comes pre-installed with a number of Android devices and can be downloaded if it isn’t. You can further customise your keyboard in the settings. 

Fleksy: You could also try Fleksy which comes with thousands of themes designed by artists 

Fonts: write uniquely with the Fonts apps which allows you access to unique fonts when posting on social media   



Wallpapers are simple as you could simply find images on Google and set them as your wallpaper. But to get the really high-definition ones, you should consider one of these wallpaper apps. 

Walli: Walli works like the Spotify of wallpapers. You start by picking visual themes that you like; it then shows you an entire collection of HD images according to your taste. 

WallCandyWallCandy is relatively new but already includes thousands of wallpapers that are stylish and look great  

Canva: If you want to be truly unique, you could create your own wallpaper with Canva. It gives you access to easy-to-use tools that could easily jazz up any image, making it wallpaper worthy. 



App icons come in all shapes and colours, making them less visually appealing as a whole. These icon pack apps allow you to achieve some uniformity across your apps. 

Delta: Delta provides pastel looking icons, giving your phone a soft and clean look  

Whicons: if you prefer a reverse while look, Whicons is the app for you. It has a wide range of apps in simple while silhouettes for a simple yet stylish look. 

H2O: Over 4000 icons are available in colourful vectors to give your phone that consistent pop of brilliance.  



Sounds are often overlooked when it comes to personalisation. Most people just turn to the default audio options on their phones. Here are some apps that provide you with audio options that are distinctively you. 

SoundCloud: While you probably know SoundCloud as a place to discover new music, you could also find unique tones that could be used to distinguish your phone. 

ZedgeZedge gives you access not only to ringtones but also wallpapers, making it an essential app when it comes to customisation. 



With these apps, you don’t need the latest gadgets to enjoy a gorgeous interfaceYou could also take a step further by getting phone covers that match the theme of your phone. At CompAsia, we have some of the most affordable and highest quality pre-owned devices you’ll find in the market today. Check them out at  


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