Nothing to lose – 6 tips to prevent you from losing your phone

Nothing to lose – 6 tips to prevent you from losing your phone


There’s nothing quite as disastrous as losing your phone. The issue isn’t just the monetary value of the device, but also the personal data that goes missing along with it. To avoid this, you’ll want to pay attention to these preventative measures that will save you from the anxiety that comes with a lost phone. 


Set it up for searchability 

As you set up for device, it’s important to ensure that your phone can be found via Find my iPhone on the IOS and Find My Device on Android. Both of these app function the same way and allow you to locate your device on a map, play a sound or wipe the information on the device remotely. These actions of course require your phone to be connected to the internet via cellular data or Wi-Fi. 


Stay connected 

Based on the previous point, it is important to keep your phone connected. Keep your GPS active as well. It’s common to shut off the cellular data and GPS in the effort to avoid data and battery draining, but if you had to choose between your phone dying out versus losing your phone altogether, I’d say drain away battery. 


Break the silence 

If you often put your phone on silent mode, it makes it a little bit more challenging to detect it by calling it directly. Instead of putting it on silent permanently, you could set the duration of your silent mode. This allows your phone to revert to ringing regularly, allowing you to seek out your phone more immediately.  


Keep watch 

Those who are willing to spend a little extra could consider getting a smartwatch. Most smartwatches allow you to locate your phone as long as it remains connected via Bluetooth. This is useful for times when you realise that your phone is no longer paired with your watch, prompting you to go hunting for it.  


You MEI want to take note of this 

Remember to take note of your phone’s IMEI number. Each IMEI number is unique and may allow you to retrieve or disable it with the help of the authorities. To get your IMEI number, key in *#06# and it will be displayed.  


Keep a spare phone 

When you anticipate going to a place where the possibility of losing your phone is high, bring along a cheaper phone instead. Travelling, crowded spaces and night spots are examples of places where bringing your spare phones makes better sense. This tip of course applies once the COVID-19 situation is over. 



It is much better to be vigilant than having to scramble for solutions upon losing your device. The same applies to hardware and software issues that could lead to the demise of your smartphone. To have that taken care of, you could consider getting instant care plans for your phone. For as low as RM0.22 a day you can worry less about your device with InstaCover. Find out more about it here:  


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