Parting ways with packaging

Parting ways with packaging 

Packaging is irresistible. It’s part of the magic that comes with every new device. Unravelling the sheets of plastic one-by-one, to eventually be greeted by a shiny new gadget. According to Statista, around 1.5 billion brand new phones were sold in 2019 alone. Along with each new device, is a trail of plasticcardboard and paper which will likely be shelved until the device is recycled or resold. 

Companies like Samsung has already taken initial steps to create more eco-friendly package for every one of their devices. Their solution is to minimise the use of plastic in their packaging and to introduce the use biodegradable pulp instead. As for instruction manuals, Samsung has committed to using only fibre materials certified by global environmental organisations. 

As the world progresses to being more technologically reliant, it is ever more important for tech companies to keep sustainability as part of the agenda. CompAsia is no exception. Here are some of the ways we are cutting down on waste as of now, and some of our plans for the future. 


No packaging, no problem 

You’ve probably heard it before, “keep your original packaging to get more when you trade-in”. This does not apply to us. So, you are free to recycle your phone box without hesitationWhen you trade-in with CompAsia, all you need is your device, and what you can expect, is consistent and easy valuation through our app: InstaCash. Find out more about it here:  


Thinking outside the box 

When you purchase devices from us, we do not provide packaging by default. The impact of minimising packaging is especially great when we supply devices in bulk to large organisations. We are also currently in the works of coming up with solutions to minimise packaging when dealing with couriers as avoiding damage to the device is of equal importance. 

Paper-free processes  

A lot of our processes do not involve the need for paper. Sign-ups for many of our programs can be entirely fulfilled digitally. You can even make returns with e-statements or snapshots of receipts.  



The journey to minimising our environmental impact is an ongoing one. On top of the steps we’re taking to make a difference today, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to make a change. If you have a suggestion that can help keep our planet green, share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. 

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