Ready to run – apps and accessories for runners

Ready to run – apps and accessories for runners

With the recent MCO in place, many Malaysians have picked up running as a way to stay fit. Even with the restrictions lifted, quite a number continue to trek on. To keep up with this new habit, here are some apps and accessories that will aid your performance and keep you motivated.    



True running enthusiasts will appreciate this Malaysian app. Along with distance, duration, and trail tracking, the app also provides up-to-date info on upcoming runs. You can then purchase participation spots through the app at discounted prices! 

Running app 

Running App by Leap Fitness offers an aesthetically pleasing design, jam-packed with training programs that cater to beginners to seasoned runners. This allows you to set your goals, which could range from wanting to keep fit or to complete your first marathon.

Zombies, Run! 

For those who like running with an element of gaming then Zombies, Run! is for you. As you run, you’ll be accompanied by audio tracks that spur you to speed up otherwise the “zombies” will catch up to you. The more you run, the more resources you’ll find, which are required to build your sanctuary.  


Airpods pro 

There’s nothing quite as motivating as music. And nothing delivers music to your ears quite like the Airpods Pro. Before, the regular AirPods delivered great sound but had trouble staying put. Apple has resolved that problem with the AirPods Pro, while also further optimising the audio quality and latency reduction. 

Apple watch  

The Apple watch works brilliantly with or without your phone. Without your phone nearby, you can track your progress while listening to audio files transferred from your phone. With your phone nearby, you can stream music or podcasts directly, while also maintaining access to Siri.  

Arm straps 

Plenty of brands offer arm straps that hold your phone. We recommend the one from Decathlon which comes in various sizes and can accommodate even the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The strap also comes with a clear window that allows you to operate your phone even while it remains contained within the arm strap. 



Alternatively, if you want to carry around less bulk as you run, you could get a smaller phone. This also reduces the risk of dropping your phone on the road which is likely to cause some damage. The iPhone SE is under 5 inches and can easily be operated with one hand. Get it for less at  


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