Reasons to get a MacBook

Reasons to get a MacBook 

If you have been using PCs all your life, switching to a Mac may not be a consideration anytime soon. And you may be thinking Apple computers are so pricey when compared to PCs why would anyone want to spend that kind of money? Read on to find out from the point of view of a PC and Mac user.  

MacBooks are user-friendly 

User intuition is part of Apple’s DNA. If you have yet to use a MacBook, you’ve probably experienced this through an iPhone or iPad. You may have also heard of the Apple ecosystem which keeps all your Apple devices working harmoniously. Once you’ve experienced how seamless the macOS can be, going back to PCs will never be the same again.  

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MacBook is reliable and more secure

Apple is meticulous about their security and with an airtight operating system that is constantly being updated, viruses are kept at bay. Additionally, Apple creates its hardware as well as software, so you can expect consistency and stability. 

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Reliable battery life 

Even with its highly acclaimed screen brilliance, a MacBook’s battery life is highly reliable. You could easily get over 10 hours of battery life on it. Even when it’s not what it used to be, you can get it checked and replaced to keep it in tiptop condition.  

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MacBook is durable

The MacBook is made entirely of aluminum. This keeps it durable while being aesthetically pleasing and light. With the number of important files your personal computer is bound to hold, you wouldn’t want to lose it all with a single tumble.  

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MacBook is a sight to behold

As hinted before, the MacBook is an eye-pleaser. Not only is it lovely to look at, the way the keys feel to the smoothness of the aluminum body, everything just feels right. There’s also something about its screen that makes it a preferred choice for designers, photographers, and of course, hipsters. 

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How to get a MacBook 

the affordable way

Now, you can get your dream MacBook with ReNew+, a first in the market program offering instalment plans of up to 36 months and instant approval in-store. No credit card required. 

To check whether you are eligible for ReNew+ you can take a Pre-Qualifier assessment that is now LIVE at 

To get assessed in the Pre-Qualify Program you’ll need to fulfil the following: 

  • Minimum age of 25 years and maximum age of 64 years; 
  • Malaysian citizens holding a BLUE NRIC; 
  • A new applicant to the Pre-Qualify Program who has not signed up for the Device Lifecycle Program offered byCompAsia Sdn Bhd and Terra Optimus Pearl Sdn Bhd; and 
  • A copy of a face photo similar to the one on your NRIC. 

To find out more about Pre-Qualify Program, kindly visit  


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