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Buyback & Trade-In Schemes

Through our online buyback and trade-in platform, InstaCash, consumers are able to trade- in preowned smartphones and then buy back newer smartphones at a much lower price. Users can then enjoy regular upgrades by trading in their old devices every 12-24 months. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the market, due to the strength of our retail & global distribution device resale network.

Our services include device assessment and diagnostics, application white labelling, integration to existing systems and device evaluation measures. Our device trade-in team are also capable of A-to-Z processing from end-user collection to data wiping and parts salvaging.


CompAsia’s financing solutions give consumers access to devices with low upfront costs and fees. We offer competitive interest rates, convenient repayment plans and customisation capabilities. Our monthly fees are lower than traditional financing but with more benefits including yearly upgrades and device protection.

Our innovative digital on-boarding platform provides customers with instant credit approval and financing, without the usual paperwork or long wait.

Our services include risk management, customer on-boarding and management and integration with existing programs.

Device Protection

CompAsia’s device protection is an agile, first of its kind digital solution which covers the entire lifecycle of devices, across multiple channels, giving customers the protection that they need, whenever they need it.

Our solution is very flexible. We offer protection for a wide range of products, from newly purchased devices to older pre-owned devices. We provide flexible payment plans. We also service a wide range of customers including telecom subscribers, non-subscribers, pre-paid and post-paid customers.

Our services include risk management, device assessment and diagnostics, targeting post-purchase programs and integration with existing programs.

Retail & Distribution

We have an unparalleled network of retail and distribution partnerships across Asia, and work with all the major brands in the region.

Our retail and distribution arm handle a wide range of products including smartphones, tablets, wearables and components.

Our services include inspection and grading, warehousing, repackaging, recycling, cosmetic refurbishment, retail and sales support and a resale service with global channel reach.


An exciting and fast-developing sector of the mobile market, our subscription service, SmartSub, gives consumers access to a smartphone, without ever having to own one!

SmartSub was the first device subscription program to be launched in Asia. Users benefit from access to a wide range of smartphones and an annual upgrade program, all without the cost of full ownership or hassle of a long-term contract.

Our services include customer on-boarding and management, risk management, financial assessment and integration with existing programs.

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