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Tablets – the new work from home essential?​

Tablets – the new work from home essential?

Tablets have been in the market for a while now and while it is not as essential as a smartphone, 2020 saw an increase in tablet sales globally. This is probably due to the increase of the workforce working from home. As the dust from the pandemic begins to settle and more people are returning to their workplace, we take a look at this alternative screen to help you decide on whether to get one or not. 

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It’s easier on the eyes 

While many of us tend to rely on our phones, there are experiences that are undeniably better with a tablet. Some examples include reading, photo editing and watching videos. Newer tablets have also upped their capabilities, allowing users to edit videos and create dynamic artworks with the help of powerful processors and next generation styluses.  

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The bring along babysitter 

These days, seeing kids fully engaged on a tablet is not an unusual sight. While some parents are strongly against device use for kids, there are apps that combine education with entertainment. This helps to give parents some peace, especially those who have hyperactive children. 

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Productivity in a pinch 

With a bigger screen and attachable keyboard, tablets can serve as a secondary working tool. Going through emails are a breeze, and the newer tablets tend to last a good 9 to 10 hours; plenty of time for you to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Furthermore, it’s light and portable enough to carry along wherever you go.  

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A better platform for play 

It’s often a good idea to divide work and play to avoid distraction at work and stress during leisure time. With a tablet handy, you could use it solely for entertainment purposes such as Netflix, games, and ebooks. You can then keep your phone free from distracting apps that could steal away from your productivity.  


Of course many of these features are good to have and not a must-have. If these points resonate with you, you could get an iPad the affordable way with ReNew+. You could also join our contest https://www.renewplus.compasia.com/devices or go to renewplus.compasia.com 


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