Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your phone

Tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your phone 

Have you ever questioned how long should you hold on to your smartphone? While the intention to change your phone every time an iPhone commercial plays arises, how frequent is too frequent? Which raises the question, how long is the ideal lifespan of a phone?  

While device’s age is presumably the answer, this is only partially true. There are other factors such as the operating system. For example, an older model with a processor efficient system would probably have better longevity when compared to a newer model with aever-expanding appetite for processing power. 

Now that you get the idea, here are some things to help you decide when it’s time to trade-in your phone. 

Persistent Issues 

You have performed factory resets multiple times but apps still crash midway through. If your frustration is not enough of a reason for you to change your phone, then congratulations as you have mastered the art of patience. Crashes tend to happen in the middle of gaming, and for more severe cases, video watching, browsing the web, and even video calls. You could always try to get lite versions of apps or processor efficient browsers, but eventually, even running more than 2 to 3 apps at once will exhaust your phone. Do the right thing and put it to rest. Forever. 

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The battery drains quickly 

Another telltale sign of your phone’s readiness for retirement is its battery life. You could settle for a power bank at the expense of additional pocket bulge or, you could get the battery replaced.  

What we would suggest though, is to save the time and effort and just change your phone already.  

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The device repeatedly shuts down and reboots itself 

While apps crashing may annoy you, unexpected reboots are next level annoying. On top of having to restart whatever you were doing, you’ll also have to wait for your phone to reboot. Expect none of your friends to want you on their Mobile Legends team.  

The operating system is outdated 

Some of you may be holding out on installing the latest operating systems as they “slow your phone down”. There is some truth to this, but on the flipside, updates are important to keep your phone protected from new threats.  

Also, outdated models may not be compatible with the latest updates. If you’re still operating on Android Cupcake… you should consider trading-in your device to us, or an archeologist.

Your phone doubles as a handwarmer 

Old phones overheat easily. They feel kinda nice in overly air-conditioned rooms but that’s no reason to hold on to your relic. Overheating is a sign that your phone’s processor cannot keep up with the workload it has been given, taking a toll on the battery as well.  

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The screen is screaming for help 

Are your touch screen sensors starting to fail? Do you need to tap repeatedly to get a response? What about dead pixels?  

These are signs of damage which tend to accumulate and affect the user experience. You’ll probably have to activate the accessibility menu and no one wants you on their Mobile Legends team still. 

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Your phone isn’t VoLTE compatible 

With 3G projected to become obsolete by the end of 2021, it may be a good time to change your phone. 

As part of JENDELA, the national digital infrastructure plan, the 3G network is set to be taken down gradually to allow the transition to futureready networks that will benefit the nation. 

Consumers are encouraged to change to 4G VoLTE supported devices to enjoy best network coverage and improved data speeds upon the retirement of 3G. 

To know more about 3G network sunset in Malaysia, check out this article -> 


How do I know if my phone is VoLTE compatible? 

Most newer models are VoLTE “Voice over LTE” supported, to check your phones compatibility, perform the following: 

  • For iPhone’s user, go to Settings > Mobile Data Options > Voice & Data. Check if there is any option as “VoLTE”. If yes, then your smartphone supports VoLTE. 
  • For Android’s user, go to Settings > Network & Internet Call. Check if there is any option as VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling” 


Everyone dreams of immortality, including your phones. But as we all know, that’s just a fantasy. Those who hold on to their devices for the sake of eco conservation, should also weigh the consequences of a less efficient device. Technology is there to help better society. What you could do is to trade-in your device to a responsible establishment (such as ours) to properly handle the materials in your phone 

Hopefully by now, you’re ready to part with your device. And to help ease the pain we’re giving you an extra RM100 on top of your trade-in value this Raya. From 15th April till 15th June 2021, every trade-in valued at RM1,200 or more, entitles you to a RM100 bonus.  

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