The iPhone 8 in 2021

The iPhone 8 in 2021

The iPhone 8 was released around the end of 2017 alongside the iPhone X. It was the time apple catered to iPhone users who were not ready to take the leap to owning a phone without bezels and the nifty home button. Let us take a look at its various key features to see if its relevant today. 

The screen 

The iPhone 8 however remains one of apple’s later phones with a chin and forehead. This reduces the viewing experience down to a 65.4% screen to body ratio. Although not ideal, most apps still cater to this 16:9 orientation.  

The platform 

Updates continue to be released for the iPhone 8 with the exclusion of a number of features such as the animojis and 3D-face scanning. It uses an Apple A11 Bionic chip which allows the phone to operate smoothly. Although slowdowns become obvious with more process heavy apps such as games, video streaming and messaging apps are responsive and snappy. 

The camera 

While not the best in the market, the 12MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide) camera does well in capturing images. Photos look up-to-date despite being a single camera. Videos are good although images could be better in low-light conditions. 

The other features 

The battery on the iPhone 8 is one of its weaker points with only 1,821 mAh. Even though it has wireless charging, it charges at a considerably sluggish pace in comparison to today’s phones. Wired charging is at an acceptable 15W or 50% in 30 minutes. It is also IP67 water and dust resistant. 


The iPhone 8 is said to be the last classic iPhone. While its features are not the latest, it performs well with everything you would want in an apple phone. Its small size makes it a practical single-hand use phone. If you’re looking for an affordable, small second phone, or work-phone, the iPhone 8 is definitely a strong contender. 


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